The last time we went surfing

The waves curled
guest house churns
butter pat wax
on the board

Sat on the shore
A ham & pineapple
A garish shirt
And sun tan lotion

Staining that photo
Of you and I
Cutting that literal
Lost your Marbles

Blue Suede Stools Stepping On The Sewer Grid

virgin rhinestone flares flap
overhanging gut judders
thigh tops fused to eachother
lard face dripping
rainstick rattle voice
rasps red velvet cabaret
private shop later
Big Mac
Krispy Kreme
Taco Bell
Big Mac
Krispy Kreme
Ham & Pineapple Pizza

Gillian McKeith damp 
thinking colon contents
all shook up
transparent tube
full of Elvis evils
The King
caught between two stools